2018 ; reminder ; photo series


I went through some deep shit in the past few years and one thing I learned was that letting go is one of the most important steps towards healing. What happened, happened so carrying the burden around with you does you no good. Put it down and try to accept the things that happened in the past. I know that learning how to let go is a hard process. I’m still learning how to do it everyday but trust me: its important. Don’t forget what happened in the past, but close the chapter so that you can start a new one. You will feel better and relieved.


2018. New Year. New chapter. Make the best of it.


Here are some pictures I took the past few years- they show the beautiful moments between all the darkness.

Enjoy xX







coffee art.






calm before the storm.



cotton candy. 





the path to your dreams.





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natural habit.






Roadtripping (autumn) Playlist

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetMusic is another huge part of my life. I listen to music all the time and I know that I would be lost without it. It keeps me going and calms me down when nothing else can. On my way home on the train I realized that I rarely share the songs I listen to with you or the playlists I make for myself, so here I am, changing that asap! As you all know, autumn is my favorite season ever. I mean is there anything better than watching the leaves fall, wearing sweaters, going on road trips and drinking pumpkin spice lattes? I think not. Thats why I thought: Why not create a playlist with songs that I love to listen to when I’m driving with the car or when I’m in the train and which give me comfort and huge autumn vibes. They make me feel at peace. I hope you enjoy this playlist and the 20 songs I put together. All the artists are amazing!

love Ophelia xX

Roadtripping (autumn) Playlist

  • Dusk till Dawn – Zayn (feat. Sia)
  • Yellow Light -Of Monsters and Men
  • Warrior -Aurora
  • I found -Amber Run
  • Runaway -Aurora
  • Lonesome Dreams -Lord Huron
  • Losing Sleep -John Newman
  • Queen of Peace and Long and Lost -Florence and the Machine
  • Blinding -Florence and the Machine
  • Rich Love -One Republic
  • Somebody that I used to know -Gotye
  • Fast Car -Tracy Chapman
  • Runnin’ (Lose it all) -Naughty Boy (feat. Beyonce & Arrow Benjamin)
  • Too Good at Goodbyes -Sam Smith
  • I of the Storm -Of Monsters and Men
  • Cleopatra -The Lumineers
  • Stand by Me -Florence and the Machine
  • Love -Lana Del Rey
  • When The Darkness Comes -Calbie Cailliat
  • Ever Since New York -Harry Styles

Stealing pictures, Hate

I wasn’t sure if writing this blogpost is a good idea, but it has been on my mind for months now and even when people will hate on me, I need to get this out.

I have been in the bookstagram community for over 2 years and over the past year it changed a lot. More people joined (and are still joining!) the community which is great because we’re here to spread our love for books and the more people, the more fun! There are also many talented people whose pictures are beautiful and the effort people put into their photos is breathtaking and amazing to see.

Sadly it also changed not only in good but also in bad ways. People steal pictures (I know they did it before too but I just find that more and more accounts do that), there’s rarely a person who gives inspiration credit anymore, when a person has a different opinion on a book there are people who hate and this list could go on and on forever but my point is: Our community should not be one where people hate and stuff but it should be a place where we continue to spread love and not hate. Theres enough hate in this world we don’t need it in bookstagram as well. Please accept everyones opinion. Its fine when you have a different point of view on a topic, but please say it respectful.

I have spoken to some people (and I have experienced it myself) and they told me that they got hate because they didn’t like a book everyone else did. Not everyone has the same taste in books and that is OKAY. No one needs to hate on someone for not liking a book!

Stealing pictures and copying photos  is absolutely a no-go. People put effort into taking them and they do it with love and no one is allowed to steal or copy them. You can repost them with credit or you can take one that almost(!!) looks like the original one but you have to give inspiration credit!!! I saw some accounts where some photos looked almost like mine but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to get in trouble. People can be mean. I even saw that someone, who I thought was my friend, copied a photo of mine without giving inspo. credit which was also the reason I decided to don’t give a f*ck and write this blogpost. Please guys, don’t do that because you hurt people with doing that and you don’t respect the effort the person put into taking that photo.

We’re all here to spread our love for books and to get to know new books. Don’t be disrespectful or mean to other people because we’re all human and have feelings. When you have a different opinion on this topic: I would like to hear yours, but please be respectful when you say it.

Thank you.

Ophelia xX

Sunday vibes

“She swears lazy Sunday’s were made for her. Doing whatever it is she wants to do, even if it is, nothing at all.” -j. iron word


Sundays are for relaxing, drinking coffee and preparing your soul for the week ahead. I usually love to spend my Sundays in bed, with good breakfast, some reading and cuddles with my mom (yes my mom and I love to cuddle).

That’s not really exiting but today was a fun day with a dear friend of mine, whom you (I hope) know! Her name is Anna ( be sure to check out her Instagram page neverwordless and her blog undercoverbookish ) and she is one of the sweetest people on earth.

And because the Sunday morning I spend with her was so lovely, I thought I would tell you guys about it!!

I woke up at 7:30 am, checking my phone and dozing until 8am, until it was time to leave my comfy bed to get ready. It usually takes me 20 min to dress and do my make-up (it depends on my mood). Today I wore a basic white Shirt, gray trousers, a pair of beige shoes and my black coat.


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My outfit (I know, I know, the coat is missing but it was really hot)        Shoot by Anna


I left my house at 8:30 am, waited 10 min for the train and arrived at 9am at the coffeeshop. Anna came 5 minutes later and I was so happy to see her again, because it had been a while since our last meeting. We looked at the breakfast card and at the end I decided to get a Cappuccino and a Mozzarella Bagel (which was so delicious by the way!) Anna went with a self-made Bagel and a Cappuccino too.


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We went to Coffee Fellows and I would totally recommend to go there because the bagels were delicious! 


We talked about life, school, our holiday plans and (of coursee) books (and Tv shows)!! In between I took some pictures because a) Annas outfit was on point and b) everything looked so aesthetically pleasing.


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Model: Anna 


After two hours of chatting we decided to go to the museum island in Berlin to shoot some pictures for the ‘gram 😉  It was really early, therefore only a few people were admiring the architecture, which was good for us because no one likes strangers in the background of their photos.

At first we had no ideas but after a while the inspiration hit us and we spend 2 hours taking pictures like crazy. Besides that we talked about our favorite Instagram accounts and how we could improve our shooting skills. All the pictures we took were perfect and we were freaking happy ( and proud as hell) about the outcome!! Here are some of the photos:




FullSizeRender 2


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This are only a few pictures from the ones we took and I hope you like them! (keep an eye out on my Instagram, because I’ll post some more over there).

After we finished shooting we walked to the underground. It was already 1pm and Anna had to learn for her exams and I had to get some work done. Therefore we hugged each other tightly and said goodbye (for now).

Being with people that like the same things as you is the best thing in the world. It makes me always happy to meet Anna, because she is such an amazing person, inside and out!! All in one my Sunday was perfect. I spend it in good company and I was productive 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost and when you’re interested in more posts like this: just let me know! I wish you an awesome rest of your day. Stay happy!

Love Ophelia xX


Coffee shops // Inspiration 

Sometimes there’s no inspiration and creativity in me left. I don’t want to do anything and my brain is just empty.

This happens to me when I’m stressed or life doesn’t go the way I want it to go. The biggest thing I hate, is the feeling of wanting to write but having no ideas and inspiration.

When that happens I usually scroll through tumblr or my favourite Instagram accounts to get some inspiration from there. Sometimes the sparks fly again but sometimes not.

And when the second thing happens, I give myself some free time. I grab my favourite books, some paper and a pen and go out to discover some new coffeeshops. When I find one which makes me feel comfortable and cozy, I sit down, drink my coffee, listen to music, watch the people around me and just write. I do that for hours until my heart is so full of happiness that I need to take a break.

I write everything down. It’s not important if the sentences make sense. The only thing that matters is that I am writing.

So whenever you lose your inspiration, don’t worry it will come back. Just take some time for yourself and relax. Go out for a walk. Drink coffee. Re-read your favourite parts of the books you love. Or, when it helps you, meet a friend and talk with them for hours.

Never be afraid of having no creativity because it’ll come back at the end. You just need to wait.

Love Ophelia xX



You need to be skinny. Oh my god, put on a real shirt where people can’t see your belly. Wear make-up but not too much. When you go out, dress yourself pretty but not bitchy. Don’t wear lipstick in your everyday life. Don’t say your opinion, you’re a woman. It’s not nice when you disagree with the opinion of a male. Be quiet and listen. Write good grades, get a job and when you marry take care of the kids. Do everything for your husband and don’t say no. You’re a woman, you dont have the right to do this. Males are braver and stronger than woman. You’re so ugly, no men will marry you. A fat woman is not a beautiful woman.

Sentences like this are normal for us woman. The keyword normal is what bothers me the most. Because words like that shouldn’t be normal for any woman. Through the years our society has become more modern, but our views of woman are still the same or worse. Woman still don’t get the same amount of money. They can’t dress up the way the want to and when they do it’s a scandal. Showing your skin as a woman or saying your opinion is still not okay.

But i want to tell you something. I am a woman and you should not be afraid of saying your opinion. Woman are brave and strong. They aren’t on this world just to give birth and clean up the house. Woman are people too and every human on this planet deserves the same amount of respect. Raise your voice and fight for your rights. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean people can talk to you the way they want to.

A womans weight doesn’t tell anything about her character. She is beautiful in her own way. No one is too skinny or fat. Everyone is perfect. But as a woman the society has a imagine in his head how every woman should look like. Perfect legs, perfect belly, perfect hair and smile.

And I’m here to tell you that you are beautiful the way you are. No woman needs long legs and perfect teeth. What matters is your character and how you greet people. You are strong, intelligent and brave. Extraordinary. And for that you don’t need a perfect body. Belive in yourself and always have the strength to say your opinion. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do as a woman. You can do everything you want.

Ophelia xX



they have no idea what it is like

to lose home at the risk of

never finding home again

have your entire life

split between two lands and

become the bridge between two countries

-rupi kaur

To be free is the greatest gift life can us offer. It means everything. What is the meaning to live when you’re not free and save? Freedom means happiness, safety and to be the master of yourself. Without that there is nothing which gives your life a meaning. What can you do when you grow up in a war where is no freedom and no happiness? You would go crazy.

Enjoy your freedom as much as you can. There are so many people in the world who are not free. Always have that thought in your mind and enjoy your freedom, happiness and safety all the more. Enjoy it a little bit for the people who doesn’t have that gift too.

Books can offer us a different kind of freedom. That applies to photography, reading, writing and music too. Our creativity is free. We can do whatever we want. We can create other worlds, let magic become true and let all the world hunger and wars disappear. That is a completly  different kind of freedom and somehow it is not.

Some people have the freedom to make art and on the other side some have not. Everything has it good and bad sides. Everyone is free, but some have the luck to have more freedom than others. Not everyone is truly free. Though when your mind is free and you can do art you are one of the people with the luck.

Enjoy your freedom. There are people who die in wars, who have to flee from their country, who die because of their skin colour or sexuality. Enjoy to be free and to have a free mind. You have the freedom to say your opinion, so say it. Don’t be shy.

Be happy and greatful for the gift to be free, to be save and to be happy. Do the best of it and never let anyone take that freedom away from you. Never. Because it’s the greatest gift someone, life, can us offer.